About Me

A Brief Introduction

I am a freelance developer, specialising in websites and iOS applications. Throughout this site you can see samples of my work, which range from renovating the front end of a vinyl record store website, promoting a Scottish ceilidh band website to a full blown results service for curling tournaments.

Unlike some other web developers, I do not use any single framework, taking each project requirements as unique and selecting the best tool for the job. I have built websites using WordPress, Rectang XSM, TextPattern, Contao, Magento and Joomla, but where appropriate have built bespoke developments for clients.

Where budget allows, I have access to a number of graphic designers who can help you realise your concepts into screenflows. Please contact me to discuss your particular project.

How I Do It

Standards Based
When developing websites I always strive to build websites to appropriate published and open standards. This ensures that your maintainence costs are low, and your customers have a consistent view of your website – no matter which browser they are using.

I develop websites with assistive technologies and accessibility at the forefront of development. As an additional benefit, the same things that make websites accessible, are also optimal for search engine optimisation.

I like to refer to this as substance over style – always putting the purpose of getting customers to your website over the way it looks. Obviously, these two things are not mutually exclusive, but when it comes down it, for me functionality always wins over style.